About Me

MeI have to think a little harder to remember how old I am now.

Where ever I am, I probably don’t want to be there.  I think I’ll name the 3rd book I write, “I Don’t Want to Be Here: An Autobiography”– I’m serious.

I love traveling and eating, especially the combination of the two things.

I listen to NPR on the reg.

I could see both sides to any story no matter how much I agree with it, which makes me question why I didn’t go to law school and also makes me sometimes a horrible person to spill your feelings to.

I don’t believe in karma, because it seems like something only privileged people believe.  I do believe in being a nice person because you should be one.

I believe in honesty, and wish people more honest with themselves and others– so I blog my honesty.  And I hope you take something from it.

Oh, and I’m a mom to a little boy named Niko.  He’s the coolest kid I know.





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