On Yearly Updates

I like to exaggerate on here and say I blog about once a year. However, seeing as how the last blog post I made was in 2017, my exaggeration has become a reality.

Maybe I just felt like writing because I finally watched all of SATC and am feeling very Carrie Bradshaw right now–minus the childish relationship antics and awesome NYC bachelorette pad. Seriously, how did she afford that  apartment in Manhattan doing a weekly column in a newspaper? Maybe I’m at a place in my life where writing my truth doesn’t seem so embarrassing and painful. Perhaps it is both.

I was at a book club meeting and I casually mentioned that the book we read, Girl, Wash Your Face, made me feel like blogging again. So here I am–wanting to pour my heart out to the internet once again. Also since I’ve last blogged, I joined a book club because I’m a cool mom.

Much has changed since the last time I was writing on this. About thirteen months ago, I was ready to date. I created two online dating profiles, went on a date with a guy I had great banter with via OKCupid, and it was terrible. It was terrible and perfect at the same time. Terrible because I was not attracted to the guy whatsoever, but perfect in a way that it was a great way for me ease myself back into dating. Wherever you are, “OKCupid John”, thank you for that. I hadn’t had a date in 3 years and that awful first date we had was exactly what I needed to get my groove back.

A couple weeks later, I met my John–the important John. This John has been in my life since October 1, 2017. I met him at a kid’s birthday party where my son held him hostage on a swing set. Thank you, Niko. You’re the best wingman a mother could birth.

That’s where I am today. I have so much more so say. So many plot twists, but it’s almost 10pm and I’m a mom that needs to wake up at an unreasonable hour in the morning, so I’ll finish this some time soon with all that inbetweeny stuff. It’s good stuff, y’all.

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