On Transitioning in Your 20s

You know when you’re at that point in your 20s where things just.. change. It’s not even a sudden one, it’s very gradual and one day you catch yourself having an argument in your head about getting up to go out with your friends or staying in and watching Netflix in your yoga pants. Sure some nights you even convince yourself that you haven’t lost “it” and can still hang like you did when you were 21. You throw on some heels that hurt your toes but you’re going to drink soon so it won’t matter because you won’t feel your toes soon enough. You slip on a dress that you know you can’t eat any bad carbs while wearing it because it shows everything– you’ll save that “eating” dress for another night. Then you wake up the next morning, hungover, but it’s a different kind of hangover. A hangover so different you are acutely aware of your age. Things are aching that never ached before and you just can’t anymore. You can not. At least not for another 2 months–I have a slow recovery rate. You’re so hungover that you can barely muster up the energy to forage around town for greasy hangover food.

Of course you find that energy because– food, hello.

Sometimes my mind starts wandering back to those days in my early 20s (as if it was so long ago). A weekend was considered wasted in my eyes if I didn’t go out and the FOMO (fear of missing out) was so real, and now just the thought of that is laughable. Just thinking about when I’d go out back to back nights on a weekend seems like.. a painful task.

But this change in my 20s isn’t just in relevance to going out, it extends to other acivities like working out. Things ache that have never ached before, I have to stretch now.. a lot.. and not just a short fake stretch, a real intense, focus-on-your-breathing stretch. I can’t just DO a cartwheel anymore, I have to stretch everything, and then do it. Then stretch again after, because– ouch. This probably doesn’t apply to you if you regularly do cartwheels, but have you done a cartwheel lately? Try it and see what I mean.

Long gone are the days where I get excited about buying new clothes. You know what I want? I still have my eyeball on a KitchenAid stand mixer in Aqua Sky. Talk about grown folks shit. I barely even bake. But I bet I’d bake more if I had one. Which is probably a bad thing because, another thing about being in my late 20s officially is that I can’t eat the same way. I just can’t eat pizza all day, although I can try, but some days I legit crave a salad. My body will scream at me to eat veggies. It’s weird, but it happens more often than not now.

I mean honestly, just a lot has changed. Last week I got some bananas, and my mother also brought home bananas the same day and sadly–not all of them were used before they turned brown. But you know what I did? I used those brown bananas and made banana nut bread. If that doesn’t say I’ma responsible, resourceful adult then I really don’t know what does, y’all.

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