On the Struggle

Niko_struggleIn real life, I’m constantly complaining in a overly dramatic way–usually in my head.  It normally spills onto my social media, but I might as well put it here because I get really real here.  At the moment this is what’s got my brain struggling with answers:

When I’m on Facebook and it automatically puts the order of my feed by ‘most popular’ items.. and I have to manually set it to ‘most recent.’  Am I crazy?  It doesn’t make sense to have it go by most recent posts first?  Really, Mark?  And why doesn’t it stay that way?  Is there some trick I’m not getting?  Am I finally at that age where learning new technology is too much?  Too many questions, I’m sorry.  Not sorry.

When you post an article and someone automatically likes it–and you just know they read about as much as the title of it.  Reading is fundamental.  You are constantly reading on your phone.  You are reading this right now.  Just read the article before liking it!  OMG!!#*@$&*@#()!^&

People who hashtag things on private Instagram accounts.  It completely defeats the purpose of the hashtag……… I’m just saying. The only exception is if you’re doing it to be funny, like with those overly long hashtags that you know no on else uses.  Otherwise, I’m shaking my head at you.

When Niko is taking a longer than usual nap and for whatever dumb reason, I kind of miss him and decide I should go take a peek at him which almost always results in him waking him up.  And then I question my sanity because all I really want is some peace and quiet from time to time.  First of all, I’ve been with the kid 24/7 (except 3 times, for no longer then 2 hours each time) since the day he was born.  Not joking or exaggerating.  All day, every day.  So I really don’t know what I’m thinking.  Maybe I’m just used to the noise, the quiet is a little weird after an hour in a half during the day.  Honestly, if this doesn’t prove I’m a masochist..

And that photo of Niko is so irrelevant to this post other than I feel like it captures how I feel about this post. And in life right now.  He really is my son.


That is all.


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