On My One-Month Old

I cannot believe one month ago, my little baby boy made his debut into this world. This has been the longest month of my life, mainly because he has colic– help. me. At the same time it felt like I just blinked and Niko started growing out of his newborn diapers and clothes. What happened?! Aside from being completely sleep deprived and fueled by caffeine and questionably running on little food, because I never have time to really eat, I can say at this point I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. By “it” I mean functioning while being fueled by caffeine and questionably running on little food, because I never have time to really eat. I have also become quite adept to doing things with my one free hand, while balancing a baby in the other hand! I’m quite proud of that, and terrified at the same time.

Niko at 1 day old and 3 weeks old
Niko at 1 day old in the hospital versus 3 weeks old

Enough about me though, it’s really about Niko and this milestone of his. In this relatively short amount of time I’ve learned a lot about him. Without further ado, here’s a recap of him in the past month.

  • He is the kind of baby that needs “extra love”– in other words, you must be holding him while he’s awake. Some times it’s not just holding him, he likes to walk around with you, especially at 3-6AM in the morning. Fine. I’m a night person anyway. But is that even night? Nevermind..
  • He loves car rides. I love car rides with him. You know why? Because he’ll definitely fall asleep in the car. Of course the car has to be moving, and he will know the difference.
  • You would think a tiny person wouldn’t have more laundry than you. You would be WRONG. His hamper is full every week. Side note, I thought I received too many blankets to use, but I soon realized.. you cannot have too many receiving/swaddler blankets, because everything is a spit rag when you have a baby. No blanket? You better use your shirt before it gets ugly. Just saying. And I definitely go through many blankets.
  • He’s been able to hold his head up since he popped out of the womb, y’all! I didn’t even know babies could do that. I still have to hold his wobbly head, but he can lift it and hold it for a good few seconds without it jerking back like a bobble head.
  • I think he likes noise better than quiet. DANG IT!
  • He really likes baths. Thank God.
  • He enjoys using his walking reflex. He better enjoy it while he can before it disappears. That’s great for me that it’ll disappear soon, my arms are tired from holding him upright so he can “walk”.
  • Sometimes he makes these weird noises. He sounds like a baby velociraptor or cat or bird. I don’t know. It’s weird.
  • He has the best facial expressions. He can even raise both eyebrows separately. Not purposely, but I’m sure that’ll happen later on because I raise my eyebrows a lot. He cracks me up with them! He isn’t so amused by my amusement. Yet.
  • Since he’s been about two weeks old he’s been hitting his toys that make noises, usually with his right hand. At first I wasn’t sure it was a fluke, BUT he seems to be doing it purposely. I had to observe him doing it for a while to tell the difference. I didn’t want to be one of those parents, but basically my baby is a genius. I’m just letting you know this right now.

    With my one month old baby!
    Someone.. needed a nap in this photo. By someone I mean both of us.

    This month has been a whirlwind. I can’t even believe I went into labor and delivered him a month ago. When he was three weeks old I was feeding him and staring at him as usual, and I was thinking of the day he was born and how I said hello and happy birthday to him when we met. Cue the water works. It’s like a distant dream, really. It is true what other parents say, and even though it’s only been a month–time really does fly by!

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