On modern mating calls

First I must preface this by saying some recent conversations and experiences I had– and also this article sparked this post. Dating and “talking” or whatever people want to call it– is so confusing nowadays. I miss those days when a guy would ask a woman on a date, face to face, and then they’d actually talk on the phone and hear each other’s voices, and get to know each other. What happened? I feel like now people just.. cyber stalk and text. It’s a little sad. I feel like in recent years, and this is me speaking from my personal experiences with the opposite sex, men do not really approach women the same way. Guys will be so bold as to add me on Facebook before asking for my phone number, or guys will ask me on a date via-text instead of in person. There’s something “unmanly” about it, to me at least. I cannot think of a better word for it, but it’s such a turn off for me. Maybe that’s not the right word, but it’s the only one resonating with me at this moment. I think I’d be, unfortunately, impressed if a guy just came up to me and was so bold enough to ask me on a date. Impressed only because no one really does that anymore– not from my recent experiences at least and also I’m extremely unapproachable. Or so people say.

Now, it’s so easy to be brave and say whatever you want with technology. I get a lot of shy guys trying to talk to me through these other outlets, but they won’t say anything so brave to me in person? Really? It doesn’t really work for me because I’m a shy and introverted person, for the most part, and you can’t have two shy people in a relationship.. I cannot be with someone who is shy. Cannot. I’m sure it’s great for women who mesh well with shy guys, for this gal right here? Negative.

Technology is wonderful in so many ways, but in so many ways it takes away from being personal. I’m a personal person. I don’t like having shallow relationships with people. I love getting to know people for who they are and everything that encompasses. Now, I feel like people are getting to know each other less, and we really do not get that face-to-face interaction that’s needed. For example, I really hate conversing via-text. I’m not talking about just tiny things, I mean I DESPISE having a conversation about nothing through text messages. I cannot emphasize that enough to my friends. Oh, you’re shopping? That’s great. It’s not. I don’t like to stay glued to my phone for an hour for a conversation that takes 2 seconds in real life. I don’t. If I like you, as a friend or whatever, I want to see you and hang out or talk on the phone. I’m a text with purpose kind of gal. Plus, if you want to converse with me so badly, you should probably give me your undivided attention, because the last thing I want to be is your afterthought while you’re really focusing on what produce to get at the grocery store. And that gets two snaps.

Plus, have you ever had an argument with a significant other via text? Stupid. It’s stupid, is what it is.

Maybe I’m just an old soul, finding it hard it hard to even find someone who I want to get to know in this app-loving, snapchatting world in which we live. Who knows. But really, where are those men now?

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