On being MIA

I’m trying not to neglect my blog, I’ve just been trying to focus on my grad school apps. I swear. I never forgot about you, dear Blog. Every time I thought about blogging, I thought to myself “Hmm.. you should probably write those essays you’ve been putting off.” At the same time, a nice lady once told me to “Quit shoulding yourself.” So.. here I am with a quick update. I’ve been so busy. Sorta.

Graduate school applications aside, I’ve been working out and trying to eat healthy. When I type it all out it doesn’t seem like much.. but when I say work out, you also have to include those hours before hand where I have to mentally prep myself to work out. Yea, I have to mentally prep to work out. I also have to mentally rest after work because I’m always around somebody. So really, I’ve been busy just being in my head. It’s a tough job for an introvert in a crowded world. Ha. I won’t get into my workouts too much, because I have no real desire to start a workout blog, but I’ll mention it every now and again because I spend most of my free time doing that if I’m not at home. I usually workout 5-6 days a week, I try to 6. In those days, I weight lift 4-5 days a week, followed by 30-60 minutes of cardio, and I end it with toning exercises. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? All this healthy stuff has been taking over my Instagram account. Basically I’m following Tone It Up’s Bikini Series on top of the weight lifting I do. It’s exhausting, but the results are amazing. I feel so much better about myself– honestly I was looking like a fat stuffed sausage for a while.

Now speaking of being fat, another f-word that people don’t like. I have a theory about it. I’m not the kind of person who unhealthily obsesses about being thin or does hours of cardio until I pass out and just lives off of bird food. I’m not that girl. I’m not into shaming yourself and negative self-talk either. However, I do believe in being honest with yourself about your health and being able to say “listen, (insert your name here), you need to exercise and make better life style choices.” I did just that, and I don’t regret it. I haven’t lost a whole of weight, but my body has changed so much. Bonus, I can actually fit into my clothes. Now I know people don’t generally like to diet, but I see it more as a lifestyle choice. You really do have to look at food a different way and open your mind to other options other than butter. And I loved cooking with butter, y’all. To be honest though, I’ve tried so many new foods that now when I do eat something “bad” for me, I can feel it instantly in my stomach. I also now crave healthier options. I stay on track most of the time with these thoughts in my head–

  • Try to eat healthy most of the time
  • Listen to what your body is telling you.
  • Even if you get off track, get right back on it. You’ve made it this far and have come such a long way! Remember when you couldn’t run that mile?!
  • Be positive about this, and don’t compare yourself to other people
  • You will not regret going to the gym. But you will regret not going when you know you can do it.

    And really, it works. For me at least. One of the things that keeps me going is just thinking about all the things I couldn’t do when I started and seeing how much progress I’ve made. And like I said, I feel so much better about it. Sure I still have to remind my brain to shut up when I start comparing myself to other people, but that voice keeps getting more quiet as time goes by.. I can’t wait to post before and after pictures when the Bikini Series is over! And ladies (and gentlemen?), it’s not too late to join.

    Lifestyle aside, about a week ago, my good friend, Ai, took some photos of me! She did such a great job, and we had so much fun. I don’t remember what it was we were laughing about, but there was a ton of laughing involved. Here are just a few of the photos–

    And on that note.. I promise I’ll get back to regularly blogging. I have so many things to talk about– so many good topics I’ve been dying to blog about here! I’m off to get my Run Day Sunday out of the way. I shall be back soon ❤

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