On niceness and stalking

Communication.  It’s one of my favorite topics.  I’m a woman of little words, however, when I do talk– I mean what I say and I say what I mean.  I’m honest.  I believe when communicating something very important to you, you better speak about it and make sure the message you intend for your audience it received in a way that there is little to no error.  I especially think it’s important when it comes to matters of the opposite sex.

I was speaking with my friend J yesterday and she was telling me about a new coworker that had been a  little too talkative.  He was asking too many damn questions.. you know.  That guy.  Anyway, I was telling her that she better let him know that she’s not interested, and just try to nip this in the bud now before it becomes a bigger problem.  Then she tells me something that I hear too often from other women I know– she doesn’t want to be mean

Mean?  Really?!  I’m surprised* people still think this way.  I didn’t know that being honest about never being interested in someone is such a horrible.. impolite thing to do.  Personally, I think being strung along is way worse.. don’t you think?  Because if someone is obviously flirting with you, and you don’t do something to stop it early I feel like they think that you’re actually OK with it– which it’s not 90% of the time.  I mean, there’s a way to go about it– you just can’t go up to people and say, “hey, I’d never ever sleep with you.” then proceed to laughing gleefully in their face.  That would definitely convey that “never happening” message clearly, but I believe in tact.. whenever possible.  One shouldn’t be afraid to be honest just because the other person isn’t going to like it, especially if you have an awkward situation on your hands.  And by awkward, I mean stalker situation.

*I’m not really surprised, I just think it’s stupid..

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