Identity Crisis

Hard to believe I’ve actually HAD this blog for years, yet I’m pretty sure I could count my posts with my fingers which is sad.  I’ve been brainstorming for a couple of days of where I want this blog to go– now that I finally have the resources to pour into my humble adobe.  You would think I’d have an idea, I’ve had months, years to figure this out.

But yet here I am.

I was watching a stand up yesterday and upon further investigation I found out that this particular comedian started gaining popularity once he stopped “trying” and just would speak from things he knew, situations he grew up with.. basically told funny anecdotes of himself.  Then I got to thinking, I guess instead of me trying to think of what to make of this place on the internet called my website, I should just do what I do best and type about what comes to mind.  Instead of forcing it (which I’m strongly against), I’ll just type and see where this takes me.

I’m going to assume you* know me well enough to know I’m in my own head a lot.  The word is introvert.  So I really DO have a lot to say, I just share wisely.  At least that’s the word I like to use for it. 

Anyway my whole point is, I really wanted this to be a lifestyle and travel blog– then I thought, I certainly don’t have the funds to support the traveling.  Two trips a year really does not suffice to make me a professional traveler.  One can dream though.  And as far as lifestyle.. no comment.

Realistically, I can see myself talking about things that make me the lovely* person you know today, and my observations on people in general.  Maybe I’ll throw in a recipe or two.  Who knows.

I can tell you this, I have approximately MORE drafts than I do of actual posts.  I started writing a lot of blog posts, and either I just could NOT do it or I just got stumped.  I think a lot of it I really did not want to offend people, and I knew I would definitely offend people.  But now that I’m 24, I think I’d feel a little less bad about offending people I know.  Only a little.  And besides, I’m wayyyy better without a filter.  It’s a part of the charm, I think.

*You meaning my two friends that I KNOW will at least click through to check on my “newly discovered” blog

*I may or may not be sarcastic about the use of “lovely”

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