“I’m not into drama.”

I love reading that sentence on someone’s profile, because then I can then assume that:

A) this person probably has a lot of drama in their life
B) this person is quite the drama magnet,

which is great for my news feed on Facebook when I need to be entertained on long days at work.  This person, I find, is the type of person who airs out all their dirty laundry via FB status, graphic photo, or tweets, yet has the nerve to wonder why everyone else is up in their Kool-Aid.  Just know this, when you post things online for others to read, it will be discussed to some extent.  I feel like people don’t realize this.  Be aware.

These “I don’t want no drama” type people are the kind that will get angry via status and let everyone know how someone close to them completely screwed them over.  It’s your right, I suppose.  However, does this solve your problem?  Does the fact that you just called your baby’s daddy a dead beat father via Facebook status make you think this guy is going to read that, look at the 8 likes and 4 comments from your girlfriends, and make him come to some epiphany?  Because I’ll tell you right now, it probably won’t happen babe.  I mean if it helps you, by all means.. go for it. But drama lovers or not, I don’t know too many people who want to read that nonsense every other day.  Just sayin’.

And if it were me, I’d keep that offline.  But don’t take my word for it, it’s more fun (for me) if you learn that the hard way.  It’s great for you too, because that’s the best way to learn!  Right?!

And welcome to my blog.  I was not creative enough to come up with this name, a friend picked it out for me.  It fit, so I got it.  Thank you, Doug.

This is where I’ll be ranting and raving about my favorite topic:  people. I love people.  I wonder about people.  I plan on making a career about the study of people.  And because my B.A. in that field is not serving any useful purpose at the moment, I’ll use it as a reason as to why you should think I know what I’m talking about 20%* of the time.   Besides, sometimes 420 characters in my statuses just isn’t enough to express my thoughts about humanity as a whole.  Welcome.

*This isn’t a real statistic, and what I say has no merit in psychological research. 

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